Things I learned On Vacation

Thursday, July 1, 2010
  • Never bring kids on Wedding Weekend
  • They stay in a seperate hotel...
  • ...with their babysitters of course
  • Romper Room needs to be an annual event
  • You C A N get 11 kids under 7 to sit still for a picture...
  • ...even if no one is looking, it's still cute!
  • Alpha Phi's can drink (I knew this, but it's good to see reinforcement)
  • Dan is a farmer, lawyer, doctor, nutritionist, and a genius. Really. Just ask him.
  • Dan has the some of the best friends, and I love their wives! (I already knew this too)
  • Whatever I buy Nicky, I must by Brandon
  • Whatever I buy Brandon, I must by Nicky
  • Nicky is fearles around water
  • Brandon hates the sand. H A T E S it.
  • Ladies don't let your husband near Val...they will end up in bed with her
  • Val needs to work out more
  • My mom needs to stop paying for E V E R Y T H I N G. STOP. NOW.
  • We really R E A L L Y miss Alex, Amy, and Frank
  • Disneyland cant be done in a day...
  • ...or with kids under a certain age that i can't quite figure out yet
  • But it really is the Happiest Place on Earth (despite what the pictures say)
  • Holding a 24 pound baby for an hour is not fun while waiting for the Submarine Ride
  • Children's benadryl
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