20 Week Sonogram Comparison

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Back in the "January" post, I mention how upset I was with my 20 week sonogram. Here are my previous 2 sonograms of Nicky and Brandon. They are pretty clear and you can tell what you are looking at - and they may have foreshadowed their personalities a bit: Nicky is crazy and upside-down -  Brandon calm and relaxed.
I was hoping to have a 3rd picture to compare side by side, but the quality is poor, and you can't tell what it is! The legs disappear into the abyss or are cut off, however, the boy part (of course) shines in all it's glory! Maybe he will be the most mellow of all my boys!

I just finished week 25 and had a check-up on Monday. Everything looks good, I am feeling great, and January seems like a blur! I haven't had a headache in weeks and the weakness and dizziness I was feeling has gone away. I still get tired easily, and my energy is not as high, but I am feeling good. To date I have gained 14 pounds. At the same week with Brandon I had gained 12, so I am right about the same...which is funny because I feel HUGE. So anyways, right now, everything is looking great. I can't believe I have 3 months to go. At my next appointment I have my glucose test, blood work, and another weigh in - and before I know it, Baby Luke will be here! Anxiously awaiting....


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