The World of Nicholas

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Scene: Getting ready for school in the morning
Mommy: Nicky, Put your (orange) shoes on
Nicky: I need new shoes, Mom
Mommy: You love these shoes
Nicky: Orange is out. Green is in.

Scene: At Boathouse Grill on 620 for dinner
Nicky: I want Lemonade in my Apple Juice
Mommy: Why?
Nicky: This is my favorite
Mommy: You've never had it

Scene: Grandma Booba and Mommy browsing Menswear at Dillards. Nicky in Stroller
Mommy to Grandma: Btw, where did you get Dad's shirt he wore for your birthday? It was so bad
Grandma: We love it. It's from Eddie Bauer
Mommy: Well, I didn't like it.
Nicky: No THANK YOU, Mommy. Be nice to MY Grandma.

Scene: Dan and Nicky eating a late night snack of cereal; Wipeout on TV
Nicky: What are these Daddy?
Dan: Those are nuts, Nicky, eat them
Nicky: Daddy! NUTS are for squirrels!

Scene: Primrose School at pickup
Mommy: Hi Nicky, how was your day?
Nicky: Is the baby still in your belly?

Scene: At home, getting the boys in the Car
Mommy: Look Nicky, your monster trucks are on the roof of the car
Nicky: OH. MY. GOD. Shit.



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