My Valentines

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Dan's in the doghouse. and he knows why. And funny, just today I got the sweetest email from a girl at the coffee shop that I stop at every morning. She said: "Happy Valentine's Day to you and Dan - you guys are so adorable together and really set the example of what a couple should be!" 

 Cookies from Rise & Shine

Does a mylar balloon + chocolate turtles =  "should be"?? haha. Is it sad that after 8 years we 1. either don't take these holidays seriously, no matter how contrived, or 2, we have everything we need (except that gold metallic Tory Burch Hobo bag at Saks, ahem) Anyways today I have two Valentine's and they are the ones that count.

 The Ladies Love Me
 Mommy and Nick...and the mylar balloon
Brandon isn't Nickys' Valentine....
PS. I didn't do any better. The card I bought Dan is in the rental car at SFO and his idea of a Valentine's gift isn't men's sportswear...

PPS. We did go to dinner last night at Hudsons on the Bend and had a wonderful evening! Yum. I guess I can let him off the hook and he is making me dinner right now.... :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you from the Abeling's!


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