My Bathing Boy Beauties

Monday, February 1, 2010
Being a twin, I never questioned why I bathed with my sister. Convenience (for my mom), companionship (for Val and I), and fun (for all of us). I always wanted to sit in the "deep end" which was closet to the faucet, and Val and I would entertain ourselves by making air bubble pockets with washcloths in the bath. As we grew up, we moved to the shower and never stopped the routine. I think looking back its kinda weird we showered through high school together, but whatever we're twins, and we're girls, and we were saving water!

Anyways, the point of this is that Banjo is finally strong enough to sit in a bath, so I put him in with Nicky last night. Success! Now we have 1 bath time, 2 babies and double the amount of fun. Strike that. Despite this picture, Nicky wanted NOTHING to do with Brandon in HIS bath. He kept saying MINE, MINE, MINE and kept asking me to pour a bucket of water over Brandon. B took it all in stride. He adores his big brother.


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