Friday, February 26, 2010

IMG_0223, originally uploaded by victoriaabeling.
I hate Flickr, but I 've been uploading my pictures to Flickr since 2007. All 18,000 pictures. So I use it. and upload more pictures.
Other than that, I hate the set up, the navigation, how you can't quickly sift through pictures, and the user interface is annoying. I'm thinking of moving to smugmug.

However, I do think it is funny and quite interesting, that they show you your most viewed picture of the day.

and Ta-da! This awesome amateur picture of an octopus under water in Tahiti is my most viewed picture of the day.
Even I have to admit, it is a really cool octopus, but why is it the Photo highlight of my day? Dan thinks its Octopus Awareness day...what do you think?

UPDATE: hahaha yesterday's picture was this. Now that's more like it!


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