In Vegas

Monday, February 8, 2010

DSC03541, originally uploaded by victoriaabeling.
I'm in Vegas for VMware's Partner Exchange (PEX), and I have been away from my kids for 4 days now. I miss them so much. Dan has been doing a wonderful job being Mr. Mom for the past week and I am so proud of him. I call them every morning and Nicky says "Hi Mommy" to the phone. My heart swells with pride and I ache a teeny bit too.

On my breaks I keep watching this video of Nicky. In 2 days the boys will be 7 months and 21 months, so I went back to see what Nicky was doing at 7 months. It was Christmas, he was crawling, had 4 teeth, and met Avery and Parker for a playdate at mom's house. I was 3 months pregnant with Brandon! I though this was a fun picture of former USCB Gauchos and their future Gauchettes. Enjoy!


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