Toddler Talk

Thursday, February 18, 2010
This is our conversation each morning...

I say, "Nicky, time to go to school."
Nicky says, "Bye potty, bye truck, bye puppies....bye baby"
"No, baby is coming with us"
"No! BABY" 

And we proceed to have a baby meltdown. every morning. with some kicking too. However bribes like "mamos" (marshmallows) work wonders.

"If I give you a mamo, can Brandon come too?"

(See this blog is valuable: Good parenting tips for all those moms and dads out there! ;) )

Ok so, I am assuming one day Nicky will accept his brother?? :) Here we are trying really hard to get a picture of the 2 of them. I don't have much luck. Switching gears now - honestly, how cute are Nicky's pants?? Mini Boden has the best stuff. He picked that shirt out to wear to school. Loves his Hot Wheels. And Brandon's shirt is a size 9 months already! and his big budda belly pops out. He's getting SO big!! Much bigger than Nicky was at 7 months.


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