Coca-Cola and Me: A Beautfiul Friendship

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Every year I give up Coca-Cola for my New Years Resolution. Apparently, they didn't get the message because they just featured me in a commercial.  yes, you heard me A COMMERCIAL. ON TV. from 4 years ago in Torino. It was at the 1st day of the Women's bobsled event! And I LOOK TERRIBLE. But it was one of 4 happiest and most memorable days of my life. 1. Nicholas' Birth. 2. Brandon's Birth. 3. My Wedding and 4. my twin sister, Valerie Fleming and Shauna Rohbock winning a silver medal for the USA in Torino.

I am frantically searching the internet for a clip of the video to paste, but I did get some clips from the TV. Dan is frantically searching to see if they owe us money. And you must be thinking, how I ever noticed that??! I am good.

I saw this flash across the screen and thought, that kinda looks like me
 Then I watched it again and KNEW it was me!
and you can ALMOST see Dan right to my right (his hat)
 It is an "Coca-Cola Uplifting Moments" commercial
  This is my own picture. I wanted to be sure that was me. Here we are waiting for the race to start in Torino. This was the most awesome day.


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