Summertime Fun

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Today is the 41th day of 100+ degree weather. 
The record is 69 days in 1925. 2 years ago, the summer of Brandon,  we had 68. 
We never left the house
This is our June and July 2011
Feel for us
Send us water

As you can se, we are on track to break a 85 year old record. 
Fun for us. 
Our 800lb water slide STILL has not arrived.
So what do we do in Austin when it is hot? 
We get naked, get in our ghetto plastic pool and take pictures!

"NO more pictures, Mom!"
"Seriously mom?"


Ethan Blake said...

Is that his penis in the second picture if it is i wish i could see the whole thing and suck it really hard

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