2 month wellness check - Luke

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Luke had his 2 month wellness check yesterday and boy do we have a BIG BOY! Luke has already doubled his birth weight and is a whopping 14 lbs 4 oz. He is in the 95th percentile. Luke is my biggest baby yet! and I already feel it. My back, shoulders, and arms, are taking a beating. The Dr. again mentioned that I can stop feeding him when he is fussy and find other ways to soothe him. He just likes to eat!

His height is 23 1/2 inches 60th percentile and head circumference is also in the 60th percentile. To me he looks just perfect. He is starting to talk a lot - making baby coos, and different sounds. He smiles and watches us when he hears our voice. Sleep is going OK. He can sleep for 8 hours and has slept a couple times all night. On a normal night he is up around 2-3 am, and then doesn't get up till 7 or 8 am. That works for me! He is getting more used to his swing, and it can actually keep him quiet now and i can put him down. We still have a fussy time around 7 pm. It can last up to 2 and a half hours before we calm him down.

Luke is almost out of 0-3 mo clothes and I put out his 3-6 for next week. On Friday Nicky's big boy bed comes and Brandon will be moving into Nick's room. That should be interesting. I am now preparing Luke's room for him. Right now he is still in my room. Once he sleeps longer through the night, I will move him upstairs.

Here is a little video of my Lucky. He looks so much like Nicky and Dan to me!
{Video embedding is not working, so here is the link}

Below are Nicky and Brandon's stats from their 2 month check up.

From 2 years a go.."On to Brandon's weekend...on Friday, Brandon had his 2 month check up and his first shots. Its amazing how much they grow in just 8 weeks. Brandon weighed in 12 pounds 15 oz and registered in at the 75th percentile. At the same time, Nicky was 12 pounds, 9 ounces. Brandon is 23 tall (50th) and his head is in the 40th percentile. Nicky was taller at 23 1/4th and his head was practically the same. Brandon got a clean bill of health, but has the same abnormal hemoglobin that Nicky has. I have to follow up with the blood dr, but if its the same as Nicholas, we shouldnt expect any serious problems. I like to think I have 2 super heros. The appointment ended with his vaccines. Its so hard to hold them down and then hear them scream. But I love that as his mommy I can hold him and comfort him and make things all better."


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