Hello March

Friday, March 2, 2012
It's March 1st (2nd now) and I haven't written in a while. Feb was a very busy month for me. Work was crazy and it kept me busy every day and all night long. I also haven't felt inspired but my guilty conscious has brought me back to Abelingland - I know I will never forgive myself if I stop now.

So much has happened in the last month - I exited January, preparing for three big work events in Las Vegas for VMware's Partner Exchange and I was swamped and drowning. I spent the remaining hours I had with the boys or searching for a new puppy. I pulled the trigger at the end of January and bought a new puppy. Her name was "Salah" and I knew when I saw her she was perfect. She was different enough from Roxy, but still had some of the features I love about the breed. More on her later.

On Feb 10th, my mom turned 65, Nicholas became 2 months closer to 4 years old, and Brandon celebrated his 32nd month birthday! We all hopped on a plane and headed out to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate. It was also Papa Ray's birthday and we met Dan's sister Alex and brother FA in Vegas for a great weekend of gambling, food, and more gambling!

See what's been going on in pictures below...every Monday my friends who blog, do a "Hello Monday"  - where they post ~ 10 pictures about their lives and I thought that its a fun way to capture special moments. So see you on Mondays!

 Hello Love of my Life
I decided that every time I turn on my phone I should see Dan and me. Our relationship needs to stay strong and this is a great reminder of why I am still so in love with him and happy to have his support, love, and friendship in my life.
Dan hates this picture
Hello Brandy Boy
Brandon is getting so big. 
He is so much more independent than Nicky was. 
I love his silky blonde hair and when he pouts, I see me. 


Hello messy mess.
This is what my upstairs looks like after a day of play.
and why I pay to have someone clean

 Hello Angels
The boys sleep together. and they love their Dr. scrubs Grandma Booba bought them for xmas
they wear them constantly
I love watching my precious angels sleep
 Hello Ella Bella
This is Nicky's best friend. He ADORES her. 
They are married.
 He still wants to marry Kylee Jo too
 Hello  Thursday Night
Grandma Booba and Papa Bob still take the boys every Thursday
Thursday nights are my favorite
But I miss them every second they are gone

 Hello Vegas!
We celebrated my mom;s birthday in vegas.
I wish we were all wearing crowns
My mom knows what she is worth after 65 years.
i hope I get there one day too - and not give a shit :)
 Hello Swagger Wagon Movie Night
The boys have to watch shows in our car before bed now. I love it. They love it
its so ghetto
 Hello Auntie Val
I found this picture from Thanksgiving
Its become tradition for Valerie to take a picture with the boys everytime she sees them so she can update her FB picture
Brandon missed her and Auntie Shauna SOOOO bad.
He says with a big huff - Mooomm-ah, I'm sooooo sad. I miss ValandShauna (sounds like one word)
then he pouts.
 Hello Best Nanny Ever
She loves my boys. I love her for loving my boys. 
More on this later too
 Hello Baby Luke
His name is officially Baby Luke now.
He is so happy.
My love affair continues with this incredible little human
 Hello VMware Monster
yeah, we have a vm monster costume
no words
 Hello VMware Wedding
You consumed my life 
See ya next year
 Hello Nickle Pickle
Do you know how much I adore you
He's trying to write his name
He's three
and this was my Valentine
 Hello Goodbye for now!


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