Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Yo HO, Yo HO, a Pirates Life for me... I grew up on the Pirates of the Caribbean, who didn't?  I'd sing along on the ride, scream at the pirate attacks, and then make sure I had a Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou. I liked to play Pirates with Val. I saw the movie when it came out, I LOVE Johnny Depp, and Mark and Sarah know all about Pirate...Rum. It's a drink. And Yummy.

Two weeks ago, our friends Mark and Sarah invited us to go sailing out on the Lake Travis and take this kids on a treasure hunt. They brought their seaworthy kids Anna and Eric aka. "Euwis and E". We took the boys with us and spent the late afternoon sailing along, having a good time, drinking on the lake, and then looking for treasure.

Brandon did great - he put on his life jacket and walked around the boat like a big boy. Nicky, decided he didn't need one, so he was confined to the "cockpit". He didn't seem to care and had a great time anyways. I even drew out the treasure map for the kids and they found a pile of candy after the hunt. It was a successful trip and the boys had a great time. Nicky thinks the world of Eric, and Anna tried soo hard to get Brandon to dance with her, but he is still shy around the ladies.

We stayed out pretty late and after dinner, the boys were passed out on the boat. We can't wait to go on another adventure!


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