Lukey is 7 Months!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Another month has gone by
Luke is 7 Months old
and here are seven things Luke is doing this month

1. turns his head when you say his name (LUUUUUKe, I am your Father, works too)
2. Pulls himself up (EVERYWHERE!)
3. started cruising around and crawls on the stairs (Uh-OH!)
4. sleeps through the night (yay, finally!)
5. had his first bite of chicken (stinky poo poop)
6. has his own sippy cup! (loves water!)
7.still adores his MOMMY! (*swoon*)

and as always, pictures of the other 2 when they were 7 months
Brandon 7 months
 Nicky 7 months


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