And *Poof* I'm 35!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
 I am 35
I am not sad or think I am OLD
I just remember thinking when I was 20, that 35 was OLD
and now, just like that, I am 35
Here was my Birthday Cake
(not really but how funny!! Love it  - maybe for 40)
and because I like this picture I am posting it. Here I am a couple days before my 35


Michele Moore said...

Welcome to the club! I remember when we turned 5! Well, sort of... My friends put candles on my cake that spelled COUGAR, well they tried, but really it ended up spelling COJGER. You look great and remember 45 isn't old either. The three of us NEED to have some sort of reunion some time soon. It's been way too long. Next time you make it to Park City, let me know, I'm only 6 hours away...

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