A Culinary Pinterest Christmas!

Friday, December 30, 2011
About 6 months ago i joined Pinterest
and my life changed forever
Instantly I was a better wife, better cook, better designer, and really good at wasting time
I found hundreds of things I HAD to have, including new sewing projects (i don't sew) and thousands of ideas to redecorate my home, art projects for the boys, and endless ideas on how to braid my hair.

This Christmas we hosted Dan's family, and I was determined to make some new recipes

On Christmas morning I made this.
one word:
my new go to breakfast dish
Just need whip cream next time
.and then I made some new Christmas cookies
only I substiututed cherries for cranberries
one word
and then for dinner I wanted to make something new
Typically we have crab or lobster
but I wanted to go meat
So i found this recipe on Pinterest
I substituted Tyme for rosemary and bought 8 lbs of
very nice Beef tenderloin
One word
we also had white truffled portabllo mushrooms
and arugula pecorino asparagus
It was an incredible {did I mention that?} meal
one that we will put in the books and become my new Christmas meal
Merry Pinterest Everyone!
And Pinny New Year!
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