I am not giving up....

Friday, December 2, 2011
...BUT I had a pretty frank conversation with my "Pet Detective." Now that Eleanor is missing too, the likelihood that "something" got Roxy increases, and that makes me sick. I asked her for some advice on how to better handle that worst case scenario - she said somethings that make dealing with it - and death in general -  better. For example, dogs don't think like we do.They don't have the cognitive thought we do, so  it's not like the horrifying scene that I picture in my mind, the one that turns my stomach, that makes me physically ill, that rips my heart out and makes me cry for her. It's sudden. Quick. and Humane. It's over before we know it and ultimately she wouldn't even have known. I have come to peace with this after three weeks because I still cant explain why NO ONE has seen her or why there have been no leads. And I know there are coyotes out there.

One the other hand, the day before Thanksgiving I had 4 people call me saying that they saw my exact dog. It had a collar on though. This doesn't make sense, how did she get to Lakeway. How did she get a collar? But 4 people said they saw her. And she is so unique looking, right?? I assume that someone would have picked her up and after 2 weeks put a collar on her. Then she got out. The calls stopped, so maybe they found her again.

So because that gives me hope - hope that those people have not seen my signs, I am trying one last time to find her. I am having 5,000 calls made into this area to drive up the awareness.  I have to find her. I have to find my Roxy. That would be the best Christmas gift ever.


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