Mystery on 360

Friday, December 30, 2011

I thought I would include a post about one of the craziest Austin traditions, one we have yet to partake in. maybe next year....

This started as one of those Austin mysteries. Every year along a freeway in Austin, the trees along the side get decorated like Christmas trees. It is quite a sight to see!  But where do the decorations on the 360 cedar trees come from?
Legend has it that it began over ten years ago with just one Christmas tree, decorated under the cover of night by a local family, and each year since more and more are decorated from mid-November through Christmas.
The decorations have just as much variety and spark as the city’s residents. Currently there are than 100 trees decorated with everything from traditional ornaments, candy canes and garland to funky trees sporting flamingos, rainbows, Barbie’s and more.
It really livens up the drive on 360 and helps bring out your holiday spirit. I love how we manage to keep “Keep Austin Weird,” one day at a time.


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