An All Star Daddy

Friday, December 30, 2011
Dear my three little minions....
Do you know you have a SUPER STAR Daddy?
I know you won’t turn out exactly like your Dad
And I wouldn’t want you to
You will have your own qualities that make you great.
But when you become a Dad, I hope you remember
that it’s the little things that matter most
Being an all star Daddy means…
letting you jump on the couch every night
putting you in the most mismatched  creative clothes ever
making sure you are never without socks
....and buying the most "super fast" tennis shoes
It's setting up monster trucks and slot car races
sitting outside while you play with the neighborhood kids
getting up with you in the middle of the night and singing you silly songs to sleep
sneaking kisses while you lay fast asleep.
changing poopy diapers without complaining, ever.
filling his iPad up with YOUR favorite apps.
making you eat your breakfast every morning
hugging you when you fall down, kissing your booboos and holding you hard during a thunderstorm
Aside from the fact that he made my knees wobble whenever our eyes met,
I married your Dad because I knew he would love you more than life itself.
I knew he would not only show up, he would be truly present at every milestone of your life.
I knew that he would make you feel loved, and he would never be afraid to say those three magic words:
I love you.
I knew he would be the kind of Dad that every kid deserves.
And I hope you always know how lucky you are to have him.
You very own ALL Star Daddy!
{I was inspired by Little Miss Momma}


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