...and there goes the last Nini

Monday, August 20, 2012
Last Tuesday, Dan surprised all of us and snipped the tip off all the Ninis. I went into a hysterics of course because -

would Luke sleep through the night anymore?
would he be sad and missing his little stuffed ninis {he loves his wubanubs!}?
what if he cries all day long and all night long and cant soothe himself?
and selfishly, will I ever sleep again?

and I havent talked about this because I was embarrassed and horrified, but 3 months ago, Brandon started hording nini's again. {a year ago we took Nicky's and Brandon's away}
BUT, rather than take them away the minute we noticed this, we allowed it because it sloved a different problem for us. He started sleeping through the night and stopped asking for milk. So we let it go.

Well, here we are 3 months later, the initial novelty wore off after that first week or so, and Brandon is still getting up 2-3 times a night AND using a pacifier. Worse than when we started.

So Dan took matters into his own hands, and Luke lost out too. {His brothers had theirs until 3 and 2}. Dan found all the nini's and cut off the tip. Poof! Nini Fairy strikes again. {actually the 4th time the nini fairy has come to our house}

And amazingly - not much happened. Brandon cried when he found his broken ninis, but moved on.
Luke fussed a bit, but its as if nothing happened. Ans he is still sleeping all night - hallelujah!

and a week later its as if they were never here. and now they are gone. for good. for ever.

Yay! and btw, its weird to think about all these "last times" now -  my babies are growing up.


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