Prickly Heat

Monday, August 20, 2012
Last month Luke broke out in a head to toe rash and the Dr's didn't know what it was - well actually anytime my kids have a rash, they say its a virus. {Thanks Doc!}. I personally ruled out Roseola and 5th disease because there was no fever and no obvious signs of discomfort. However, Dan was convinced it was West Nile Virus! {I love him, so funny} If you live in Texas, you may or may not know that Dallas has been spraying for West Nile virus due to an infestation of mosquitoes and we've had 20 confirmed cases here in Austin. While Travis County is not spraying inside the city walls, we have been asked to report infestation problems. Most people would spray on some deet and be done with it. We have mosquito traps, poison pellets to place in any standing water, and geramium-mosquito-replelling plants. We hate mosquitoes as mush as the next guy, and who likes large red bumps and itchy nights. The boys get eaten alive and its no fun for anyone, but im not convinced Luke is a mosquito generating statistic. I think he had a very common heat rash or Prickly Heat. The pictures below are about a week after he broke out and considerably less noticeable. Weird that it lasted over a week, though?


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