Brandy Boy Is Three!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Last night as I ran up the stairs for the THIRD time to tell Brandon "No more Milk", I realized I did not write about his special day - July 10 - when he turned three. I'm usually so good about this, but its been a hectic last couple of months. I have a new job at work and I'm working no stop. When I do have an hour or so, I hardly have the energy to write about my three favorite people.

But I made a promise to myself and my boys, I'd do this for them  - for us. Because I know I will be so happy one day when I am 70 and be so happy to relive these amazing years.

So back to Brandon. My middle one, My Heart, My Joy  - turned three and I can hardly believe three years has passed since I was his little squished face. You are so handsome, so strong, so funny, so adorable, so silly, so mine.

On the 10th I took you to your wellness check. After being, weighed, measured, and your first blood pressure test, we waited for the Dr. to give us the results and fill us in on how you are doing. You stayed pretty much the same - you are spot on for growth - a little skinnier, but perfect all the same!

Here are your 3 year stats:

  • 31 pounds - 75th percentile
  • 38 inches tall - 75th percentile
  • Body Mass Index  - 55th percentile

(Nickys 3 year stats-  95% for weight (39 lbs) AND height (39 inches). Your BMI is 60% - or just perfect)

You are a skinny little man and are just barely in a 3T and you have big feet like your brother did at 3 and  wear a size 10 shoe. They predict you to be 6'0 based on their little prediction chart, which is great and an inch shorter than Nick. It will be interesting to see what happens and if you have a growth spurt at 4 like Nicky did.

On a developmental side, you are really excelling, especially since you started school. You finally say the ABCs to us, and can count to 15. You are really funny, and look up to your brother. You adore him and want nothing to do with Luke.

Sleep isnt always great - you wake up 2-3 times. Its getting harder and harder for us to get a full nights sleep between you and your brother. But we manage. and secretly I love laying there next to you.

I am also happy to announce that you no longer have a POOP issue! All better. Thank you Grandma Booba. She fixed it for us. 

Brandon there are only so many times that I can tell you that I love you. Or how happy you make me. Or when I look at you I see one of the most amazing little humans ever.

You have to know that we are so so proud of you, so in awe of you, so blessed to have you.

Happy Birthday my little THREE year old!! I love you to the moon and back.

and now a trip down memory lane of pictures...


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