{Hello Monday} August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012
Happy Monday and welcome back to Hello Monday
Hello Fancy Smiles
I love when she smiles
 I can see her TEEF!
 Hello Angel
A super sweet, precious, incredible angel that I want to smuggle home

Hello Baby Brandon!
I tried out the good ole' Beco carrier
Brandon went for a little ride and he fits!
Hello Constant Companion 
Fancy sits on my lap like this when I work from home
and I love my view...
 Hello Draco The Great
everyone should grow up with a puppy
Draco is Finley's biggest hero already

 Hello Daphne
My husband loves Central Texas Gardner. He loves Daphne. 
She reads the teleprompter with such skill
Watch it. Its riveting. Truly.
Hello Bathtime.
He would bathe in the dog bowls if he could
this is a reoccurring pattern for all my boys
is it a boy thing - or a baby thing?
and the naked thing...that is an Abeling thing
 Hello new obsession
Facebook should catch on

 Hello little cresent moon and  lovely Austin sunrise
Getting up with Brandon at 6 am has its perks


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