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Monday, November 22, 2010
We have some exciting news! In May, 2011, right after Nicholas turns 3, and 2 months before Brandon turns 2, a new little baby brother or sister will arrive. Nicholas thinks its a girl named Brooklyn  and is adamant about that. And Brandon is happily clueless about the new addition; Dan is going to show him the ropes about being the middle child. We (I) are hoping we go the "Abeling way" and have 2 boys and then a baby girl. If we go the "Cutrufelli way", I know 3 boys will be endless amounts of fun too. At our last appointment, everything was going well...all the early testing have turned out perfectly and our due date is May 28th.

{Due to some complications with Brandon, we have to schedule a c-section during week 38 so I do not go into Labor. I am not considered high risk at this point, so I am taking it day by day.}

This pregnancy has been "FATTER" than the last two. My belly muscles opened up during weeks 9 - 11 and was like, "wow, we've done this before" and I look like I am 20 weeks.Other than being completely exhausted chasing after Nicky and B, I couldn't be happier. Maybe.

We are anxious for December 15th to get here so we can find out the gender! Pink or Blue?? At the 12 week sonogram, our nurse said 75% chance its a girl. Well, until I don't see a PEEPEE, I won't believe it.
Until the 15th, take a look and let me know what you think! Either way, the newest Abeling is already looking pretty cute!


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