2 and a Half

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I woke up the other day and thought, "Nicky is 30 months old". 3-0. Thirty. That's two and a half.  That's half way to three. How did that happen? I know time goes fast and its so cliche to comment on how fast they grow up, but I wasn't really prepared for that. Part of me can't wait to watch him grow up and experience all these "firsts" and part of me wants to box him up and keep him my special little boy forever. Tiny, with chubby little hands that hold mine, and warm arms that hug me, and his perfect lips that kiss me. Two and a half is pretty cool, except for those terrible parts. Which there are a lot. :) Many in fact, and the time outs have increased and so have the spankings.  But then he smiles at me, and does it matter? I am already doomed.

Nicky is truly a bundle of energy...he is always on the go - loud and demanding. he is smart and sassy, creative and sensitive. He is going through a Mommy phase, which I love. He will pat my face and give me "bunny kisses" on a whim. He sits on my lap and wraps my arms around me. He tells me he "likes Mommy." And I like him too.

I've said it before, but he continues to amazes us with his language and his thought process. He constantly says these really cute things and I will write them all down one day. My favorite was yesterday the door bell rang. Nicky jumped of the couch and ran to the door screaming, "Christmas is here!"
Grandma Booba was visiting this weekend, and when she said she was going to the new house to get some things fixed, he asked her "What's broken, Booba?" He is so cute.

He tries to spell his name "O - N - C  - Y" and can identify about 15 letters in the alphabet. He can spell STOP on a sign, although he says X for S. He gets very excited when he can identify letters.

Speaking of stop signs, he is a back seat driver and he throws terrible tantrums in the car if you don't turn where he wants you to. He loves to help Dan garden and mow the lawn. He has his own gloves and a squirt bottle and gets so excited to be outside. After school we spend about an hour playing in the dirt and squirting things.

I wish sleep wasn't still an issue, however, every night is still a battle. We have to stay consistent or he takes a mile. Some nights are better than others, and now, after months of this sleep training, we are happy when he gets into bed without a fuss and sleeps till 630 am.  Some nights I am still sleeping on his floor in his room.

Right now he doesn't like Brandon because "he's not nice", but loves Roxy because "she's cute." He loves Dino Dan on Nick JR, and still loves his tractors. He loves to call Daddy, Dan. He is so helpful and loves to vacuum and clean.. He won't eat anything right now, except mac n cheese and yogurt. He is picky with his clothes and  he loves his crocs and flipflops.He is mostly in 2T - 3T and a size 8 shoe. He is almost potty trained. We just have to get through the night.

He is fascinated by the weather and at school is the official "weatherman."  He hates bugs and screams like a little girl, which I find endearing, but Dan blames me. He is very cautious before doing anything, but once he figures something out, that's all he wants to do. His best friend is still Kylee Jo, and he loves his neighbor Colin. They play trains and tractors together everyday.

When he plays games with Brandon, I am filled with pride and love and I feel so lucky. When they laugh together I don't think things could get better.  Usually that ends when Brandon snatches something from Nicky and runs away as fast as he can, laughing. Nicky tackled him the other day. I see lots more of this in my future.

In 6 months, my little baby, will be the oldest. The Big brother. The biggest brother. I hope he knows how proud I am of him and how much he means to me.  I love him so much. I adore him. He makes everyday better and every day worth getting up.

Happy two and a half, my little angel. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful to know you and have you in our lives. We have been given one of the best gifts in the world. xo.


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