Baby Girl

Thursday, April 26, 2012
No, I did not get a baby girl
No, I did not order one or adopt one from Russia
but there is one comingand she will be here in August
and I am besides myself with joy and happiness
she is already so loved
she is already so perfect
she is already going to do amazing things and move mountains
she is already so well dressed
And lucky me - she will be my new niece
Yes, Valerie, my twin sister, and Shauna are having a baby
a baby girl - with little sweet rosy cheeks, tiny rose bud mouth, and two really, REALLY, really tomboy mamas.
That's why she will NEED ME.
to teach her how to dance, flirt, love pink, all things glitter, and to pick up pom poms and ballet slippers
I can't wait
Valerie is mortified.
not about the baby girl
but about my plans.
Little does she know....
So I'm officially announcing this to all of Abelingland!
Baby Flembock is coming and her arrival is highly anticipated
I already love you to the moon and back...

 {not actual ultrasound}


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