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Monday, April 30, 2012
Have you signed up for Amazon Mom?
I did.
I get 15% off Diapers and Wipes.
That's better than
Then I get another 15% off (total 30%) off diapers if I also do Subscribe and Save too.
better than anything out there
and since I pay $79.00 a year for Amazon Prime, I get free 2 day shipping
and no sales tax
that's like another 8% discount
But then they went and changed the MOM discount to 20%
I could still live with that
Then this happened:

Amazon agrees to collect sales tax in Texas starting in July


that's a disgrace
But still a good discount
 The point of all of this is that while I am silently stewing and placing my next diaper order on Amazon, I had an even bigger revelation.
I only have O N E in diapers!
Luke is already a size 5. ridiculous chubby chubster.
and then I stopped to think...when did this happen?
so I have to document this.
Sure, Brandon has his poop issue and wants to only poop on the floor or in a diaper so we choose diaper. DUH.
but other than that -
I have 2 babies Diaper free!!
Yay me
Yay Brandon and Nicky


Amber said...

Iv been meaning to check this out. Twin moms have been telling me it's awesome. Did you ever do formulas or baby food from them?

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