O N E month to O N E

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In a month, my last baby will be ONE.
Its been almost 3 years since I started blogging our adventures, and this is the last ONE year birthday..
It's a little bittersweet.
I want another one.
It's like I am not done in my heart, mind, and soul
BUT physically I am.
{btw - Dan was done 2 babies ago. Ha!}
it actually cant happen since I surgically altered those tubbey tubes plus I'm not getting fat again.
but I KNOW this kid chapter is not over.
Maybe one day there will be a little baby girl from Russia with Love...
{speaking of baby girls - I have a BIG announcement to make}
Anyways, back to Luke.
MY. Baby. Is. ALMOST. ONE.
Look what my most awesome friend put together for me.
Those L U K E letters where from his baby shower.
she also made those.
Next week we will make a trip down to the lake or some new location and capture Luke's cake smash
until then, in the next 30 day I am going to figure out how to keep him little

What a treat!

Monday, May 24, 2010
Tara from Life is Sweet put together a post on her blog about yesterday's activities and I am excited to share all the pictures!!

What a treat!

Austin Family photographer, cake smash, 1st birthday boy
Wowza, baby B sure liked the yummy cake his mommy bought! I must say though, the cake wasn’t the real treat in these pictures….he is! I’ve never met such a sweet, smiley, happy little guy! He made my job SO easy with tons of smiles, eye contact and the true test of a successful cake smash photo shoot would of course be the cake smashing….and boy did he ever enjoy it! Thanks for letting me document this time for your family.
first birthday childrens portraits, kids portraits, austin photographer


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