Saturday, April 14, 2012
I haven't talked about a sleep update in a while. it's like a game, sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. There are bonus prizes every once in a while and sometimes we lose. It oddly has just become part of our routine. Some nights are better than others  - now we don't care if we are on the floor, one, or two, boys in our bed, on the couch, or in a toddler bed, just as long as we are sleeping.

We have had some accomplishments. Since we stopped making Nicky nap, he LOVES to sleep. In fact, he is a different child when it comes to sleep. He will go to bed, usually on time, and without much fuss. He likes us to tell stories, usually ones about dinosaurs, monster trucks, and dragons, all on the same planet, blowing things up.

And he's asleep pretty quickly. He's also started to yell at Brandon to go to sleep - now that they share a room - something that made me fall of the bed the first time I heard him utter said words. And he sleeps almost all night long, for the most part. I think the stories, mine are more gruesome and elaborate than Dan's stories, can give him nightmares, so we often find him in our bed at 2 am. This is new. We didn't fight it. We were sleeping.  He also likes to sleep in. This is a bonus. I'll take it.

Then we have Brandon - the one that was our little sleeper until he hit 2 - and like all characteristics of a two year old - he is terrible. He loves to laugh, play, dance, roll around, anything to avoid bedtime. He WANTs to sleep on Nicky's bed, but he wont sleep or be quiet. Nicky usually yells at him to stop and Brandon does something else to annoy him. He doesn't care about stories, but likes his books, his "milky" and then he usually falls asleep on the floor by Nicky's bed. I have noticed a pattern now - about 10 - 15 minutes of ridiculous amount of noise and playtime, followed by talking to himself on the floor as he drinks his milk. they he hands me (or throws) his cup out and places his hands under his chin and rolls on his side, closes his eyes, tells me he loves me, and falls asleep. The plus side to all of this is that Nicky has been asleep for a good 20 minutes by now, and this is when I can tell Brandon (if he is still failing asleep) I am going downstairs now and he says "OK, mommy".  This is bonus #2. I'll take it.

Nicky NEVER let us leave him alone when he was awake - and in fact - I've written before about the battle that was night time in the past  and many sleepless nights. I am not sure if he's an older and wiser almost 4 year old, but he knows and understands the gift of sleep now.

The difference now is that Brandon wakes up at least 1-2 times a night now, usually screaming for milk. usually I bring it up there and end up sleeping in the room to avoid any more outbursts. We have slowly started reducing the amount of milk and availability of it at night now. I hope this is a phase and will go away forever soon.

Then there is bonus #3. Luke. I remember a couple years back, talking to my friend Tricia. She'd say something like, "I had a bad day so I put H down." I'd look at the clock - "But it's only 6pm", i'd yell in amazement. Putting Nicky down at the time in a crib at 6 pm, and walking away was not something that i'd ever experienced - until now. Like clock work, I get Luke ready for bed, and put him down with his 4 or 5 wubanubs and 2 of Nicky's little blankets he never used and he goes to bed. actually he may stay a wake for a while, but he eventually falls asleep - you know - like a normal baby. And 9 out of 10 times he sleeps through the night. Until 7 30 am. actually he is the first baby of mine that will wake up and PLAY in his crib without a sound - well without screaming hysterics. So sometimes, I have no clue when he woke up because he is just sitting there when I go up and get him. 

and then there are thursday nights - in which everyone sleeps through the night. The boys at grandma's; Dan and I are boyless (except for Luke) and we all sleep. 

Love Thursdays.

sleep well my friends!


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