Wellness Challenge

Monday, October 31, 2011
So I signed up for the VMware Wellness Challenge today
"Maintain, Don't Gain"
An 8 week challenge. 
I want to lose 12 pounds
with vigorous exercise and eating healthy
{removing white breads and sugars}
In order to register I filled out the wellness assessment
I was being truthful when filling out my weight (144!) 
and how many drinks I have a week (1-8)
I also checked YES for "drug use"
However, it didnt clarify recreational or prescription
PRESCRIPTION people, calm down.
Apparently more than 5 drinks a week and "any type of drug use" is considered a HIGH RISK. 
Great. Who sees this?
I appreciate the "Take Action Now" and Resources under
Problems with Drug and Alcohol 


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is hilarious, or maybe not "SO", yikes Vicci, after 3 kids, all boys, I don't really like 8 drinks a night are enough!!!! just kidding. Love you, Mom.... Go Coconut Mojoitos xoxoxoxoxo

The Abelings said...

that was in a WEEK not night - sorry had to clarify :)

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