Operation Take Back The Night

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Operation Take Back the Night

Date: Saturday Oct 22nd
Time to execute: 6.45 pm
New Variations: NO TV after 5pm. Brandon goes back into his room. Back into a crib. Luke sleeps in his pac in play temporarily in the guest room. Nicky in his room. Once upstairs for bath, no going downstairs. No more milk for Brandon in the middle of the night. Never take them out of their "sleep environment". No more going upstairs when they cry. For any of them.

Phase 1: Luke  - 6.00 solids, 6.30 Bath, 6.45 milk, 7.00 down. Alseep by 7.05
Phase 2. Brandon - 6.00 dinner, 6.45 bath, brush teeth, peepee, milk. 7.00 books, 7.30 in bed
Phase 3: Nicky - 6.00 dinner, 6.45 bath, brush teeth, peepee, milk. 7.00 books, 7.30 Brandon in bed, then go to Nicky's room. Talk to Nicky for 10 minutes and then leave.

1.       Luke woke up 2 times, cried himself back to sleep within 20 minutes on average.  I got up with him at 5 to nurse (I needed to  - I AM not used to going all night yet, haha) Then he went back to sleep till 8. 
2.       Brandon woke up at 11 pm, we let him cry for about 15 minutes. He finally laid down softly said “mommy come here” and laid down. I cried. Haha. Then he woke up about 1 and he was having a terrible fit. After 20 minutes again, he threw his blanket out of the crib and finally laid down. We made a mistake and went in there to cover him with his blanket and he woke up, so Dan had to tell him to go back to bed, and he screamed again for another 10 minutes. Woke up at 7 am

3.       Nicky slept all night. Heard Daddy with Brandon at 7 and got up with them at 7.

We learned a couple things

1.       We can do it!
2.       Dan and I had 3 hours to hang out  together after bedtime :)
3.       Don’t go up at all  - dress them warmer, footed PJs, sleep sack if we think they could be cold


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