The Great Debate

Saturday, October 22, 2011
A while back Dan said "Let's get a Minivan"
I laughed in his face
Does he KNOW who he is married to?
I am not a mini van. 
I am a Lexus
{and then a Mercedes when the boys grow up}
But that's years from now
Today the big "debate" is whether or not we go to the "dark side"
Stubbornly making it work
Slowly Dan has been teasing me with pictures and videos 
of split screen DVD palyers
automatic door opening like magic
sliding seats that lay back for long road trips
and the reverse back up cam
He is so mean to tease me with a reverse back up cam
And after a debacle with the last rental
I relented
and once I did, it felt awesome
I told the world!
And it stirred up some controversy
43 comments to be exact
 more than me posting about Occupy Wall Street
and not surprisingly the debate about a minivan is 50/50
well we are on the 50% that says YES
today went to LOOK
and wow wee this is exciting!
Take a look
the dashboard and navigation

and the back-up cam
  and the split drop down DVD player
and the side view

we bring her home in a couple weeks!


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