Hot Austin Summers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Last year, we had a record year in Austin, over 70 100+ degree days, the hottest summer in Austin's history - shattering the previous record. (A typical year has 12 triple-digit days, mind you) Pregnant and Fat, this was my SECOND summer in Austin with a newborn. Miserable and locked inside, we weren't able to do much. And when I did get out, it wasn't so cool to be in a bikini with that baby belly. We still made it out to the fountains at the Galleria.

This year, we have yet to hit high 90's, although that could change this weekend. We've already welcomed summer by spending time with our friends at the pool, water parks, and sprinkler parks!The boys love the water and we're taking advantage of every chance we get to put on our suits and hit the pool!
Brandon is already a daredevil - charges the water with no hesitation.
Haylee is no exception, boy does she love to jump and get wet!

Tom with his beer, keeping a watchful eye on Kylee Joe
Swimming is tiring for a baby!
The Molers join us for a Sunday morning swim
{Tyson and Anna Caroline}
Davis waters the pool
Nicky is learning to FLOAT! He's really Floating!
{he is obsessed now. no baby pool for him! I think we screwed ourselves}
AT Uche's Birthday
Robin Bledsoe Sprinkler Park
{Happy 2nd Birthday Big Girl!}
Brandon finds some fountains HIS size
Nicky, Ella, and Ms Belkis play in the sprinklers
AT The Galleria Park!
Lexie Bronson shows off her pink bikini and cool shades!!
Baby Zachary is not so sure about all of this
Nicky and Lexie brave the cool water
Brandon gets in on the action!

Summer is here, and this is pretty typical weekends for us. We're either at the pool, at a water park, or getting wet in the front yard. Or at the pool again.


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