{final night} Night Five and tonight's regression

Monday, June 21, 2010
Last night as I wrote about Night 4, I had just put Nicholas down for Night Five of my "Committed to DOING something about NICKY'S Sleep" and he was currently clocking in at 4 minutes of off and on screaming. Before I finished writing my blog he was fast asleep (I checked) with in 8 minutes.

Tonight is a different story. He climbed in his crib easily enough, laid down, grabbed the tags of his bay blanket, put them to his ears and closed his eyes. And when I kissed him good night, he shot straight up and started screaming.

It's now 3 5 minutes later....
H E A R for yourselves...
So H A R D not to run upstairs and hold him
Could my H E AR T break any more...

Notice its all D A D D Y by the way?

I feel heartless for recording this and if you don't have kids...W E L C O M E


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