Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I've accepted it. As much as I tried to deny much as I pretend its not the case. As hard as I fight it, I have failed. My Nicky does not sleep.
He manipulates, cries, screams, taunts, and WINs. We lose.
Every night we lay in Nicky's room until he falls asleep. Usually he catches us trying to sneak out. When we are SURE he is asleep, he pops up and asks to go to the potty. And then we start all over again. Our 7:30 'free time" has slowly crept past 9 pm.
To get Nicky to stop screaming the other night, I slept on the floor with him next to his crib. When I woke up and his foot was in my face. Sleep is fleeting and elusive. Like a Unicorn. I took a picture to remember.


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