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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Blink!
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It was yesterday that I could put Brandon on a blanket on the floor and he would happily play with his feet - in one place.

Soon, he would push himself up onto all fours to crawl. Once he got the hang of it he was crawling everywhere! Completely fascinated by how fast he could go...He'd put his head down to gain momentum and pump those arms and legs.

Baby Proofing became important again. The stairs - endless possibilities of playtime and adventure...and stress for Mommy and Daddy.

Next he would pull himself up on anything and cruise around, happy to be free and have some independence, so wanting to be like Nicky.
It also means the baby days are coming to an end...

Then he reaches out with his tiny hands and waddles towards me on wobbly chubby legs; his first few steps are bittersweet.

My baby is growing up. College will be just a blink away.

Happy and Sad. All at the same time


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