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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
3 years ago, I was sitting at Glamour Nails in Steiner Ranch listening to two ladies talk about something that scared me more than sharks and the ocean: SCRAPBOOKING. (hear me out, Jessica J. ;)) Not only did they blah blah blah about cute paper and stickers, one of them went to their car and pulled out a DIY cork board, matted with fabric and ribbons and glitter - just to hold pictures!

I finally made it home and told Dan about my nightmare experience.

See, I told myself I WOULD NEVER EVER do anything like that. I would be a COOL MOM. No silliness for me. Any baby we had would become part of OUR life, and we wouldn't let it dictate the rules, set the stage, or make us like THEM.

{Little did we know...}

Fast forward three years later,  two incredibly special baby boys, a blog, 18,000 pictures, and more videos than possible, I embraced motherhood like I never thought possible. MY BOYS are my life. My Facebook page says it all. "I was Corporate, now I am Mommy."

{I still work full time and love working for VMware, but priorities have changed and shifted and my work/life balance is fulfilling}

Anyways, a couple weeks ago, in preparation for Father's Day, I hosted (on behalf of my friend Tara and Sonshine prints By Amy), a "plaque making" party at my house. Now this isn't exactly scrapbooking, but it is a DIY project...and guess what??!!


Will I scrapbook anytime soon? Probably not... but that's only because there are wayyyyy too many digital "scapbooks" out there now and who has the time?? But I will admit, since being a MOM, I've found my inner Holly Homemaker and a crafty side I didn't know I had; and there is joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment out of doing something yourself. {90 minute shirt here I come!}

And - Ok, I know I didn't actually roll out the clay, bake it, apply any paint, decorate it, or do any heavy lifting at all. But it's hard work to get a foot print!


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