The First Day I Met You

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
In a little over a month, Nicky will be F I V E.

Its hard not to think about that and not get emotional.

Time is moving way to fast. I want to freeze it and bottle it up. 

I was watching him as he had his teeth cleaned today, reflecting on how my life has changed over the last 5 years. How just 3 years ago, he had to sit in my lap at the very same office, in the very same chair, for his very first dental cleaning. So timid, nervous, and uncertain. Sacred and clingy. So much has changed -  today he was so confident; so proud, so talkative and assertive - he has 2 loose teeth...and a "shark" tooth coming in right behind his baby tooth, slowly pushing it out of place. Slowly making room for the "gap" that will be in his next class pictures. A gap we will joke about and tease him. A new milestone for him.

And I thought to myself ...

"I remember the first day I met you" 

He was truly a special baby. So perfect - the most perfect. I remember thinking, how can I love someone this much in an instant. I was so in awe and still am. I discovered the email I sent out announcing him. This was pre Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and PRE MY BLOG - so much has changed on that side too. I think its funny that I talk about how I never want to go back to work. He has  truly changed me. for the better. for good.I love you Nickle Pickle.

IntroducinNicholas Alexander Abeling!

Victoria Abeling 
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Dear Family and Friends;

Little Nicholas arrived 1 week early on Saturday May 10th, just in
time for my first Mother's Day! After a false start on Friday, my
water broke at 4 am on Saturday morning and we were off to the
hospital again, this time with contractions! Despite thinking I could
have a "natural birth" around 11am I gave in an had an epidural. BEST

Nicholas was stubborn and was facing up and not down. After an attempt
to "turn him" with some Pitocin, a synthetic drug to increase
contractions and the frequency, his heart rate dropped and we had to
have a c-section. I didn't mind at all, at that point, I wanted him
out as soon as possible! He arrived at 1:03 in perfect condition. 8
pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches. A Big baby for a week early! The Dr.
predicted 8 pounds at full term.

He has dark brown hair; a surprise to Dan and I  since I was bald and
Dan was a tow head. He has dimples too.

I spent 3 days in the hospital with Dan and Nicholas. We had fun
getting to know each other and bonding. The "feeding" has proven to be
challenging and we had some extra help by a lactation consultant. It's
still a process, but we are enjoying it.

Roxy LOVES Nicholas and licks him all over. She sleeps on my lap while
I am feeding and watches her while she sleeps. I think they will be
great friends.

I am taking 8 weeks off work and already don't want to ever go back.
HA, who would have thought I'd EVER say that!! In the meantime, I am
enjoying my little baby and am in awe of him. I knew I would love him,
I just never thought he would be so beautiful too. (Ok, I am biased :)

Here is a link to a ton of pictures of Nicholas' first week.

Thank you for all the calls, emails and support through my pregnancy
and labor! We are doing great and so happy with our new addition. Hugs
and Kisses to you all.


Vicci, Dan, and Nicholas


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