Molers & Abelings In San Antonio!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
This past weekend, we packed up the kids headed down to the JW Marriott in San Antonio for a little sun and relaxation. We met up with our friends, Lacey and Tyson and their two kids Davis and Anna Caroline.
We got a suite with adjoining rooms and it was perfect for us to hang out and let the kids run loose!

We rented a cabana for the day, despite the tropical storm coming and spent the afternoon at the pool, lazy river, and the kids area, complete with multiple water slides. When it started to pour on us and Brandon turned blue, we decided it was probably best to head in.

We threw them in hot baths and showers and ordered mac and cheese for the kids for dinner. The adults got a babysitter on Saturday night and we had a nice dinner and watched the UT game. We were home early, but enjoyed a relaxing evening enjoying adult time.

With four kids under 2 and a half, it was amazing how great they were. Hardly any tantrums, except when fighting over itouches, ipads, or iphones! Thank god for those apps and  Little Einstein and Micky Mouse Club DVDs.  The resort was great, we really didn't have to leave. Nicky took to Lacey and always wanted to hold her hand and have her catch him at the end of the water slides. It was sweet.

Our road trip was a success and we enjoyed getting away, even for a night. They slept on the ride home, so we missed the Safari exhibit. Until next time!


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