Our Hospital Visit

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
As many of you know, last weekend we had to rush Banjo to Dell Children's Hospital. Dan and I were in Santa Barbara relaxing and attending a wedding, when we arrived home, we walked in to find B with a slightly swollen eye that grew worse over the evening.

We watched it, thinking it could just be a bug bite...our Pediatrician told us to watch for redness, heat, and fever. He didn't experience any of that until Tuesday...his fever was 101. We were not really that concerned, despite him not being himself, and even sent him to school on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon the school called us because he was lethargic and had 102 fever. An hour later, B was sleepy, distressed and his fever had climbed to 104. We called our after hours on call Dr, and scheduled an appointment for the following day. We gave him alternating Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours. B was very tired and lazy and not his usual happy self. Thursday, we took him to the Dr. and his fever was still 104, he was coughing, and had a runny nose. They wanted to rule out Pneumonia, so we took him for chest xrays. He hated that. The news came back clear: No pneumonia, but we still didn't know what was wrong.

By now, if he wasn't sleeping, he was screaming. We knew he was miserable and angry. We made it through Thursday night with a high fever and still no understanding of what was wrong. Friday we had to send B to a babysitter so Dan and I could go back to work. In the afternoon, his fever broke, but we discovered tat his urine output had decreased to almost 1 diaper a day and there was no BM since Wednesday. We called the Dr again and if he wasn't better by Saturday morning to try a suppository.

By end of day Saturday we had tried 2 suppositories, and we had a little luck and he seemed better. But he never stopped screaming and sleeping and we grew more concerned. Sunday morning another suppository and an enema. A rash broke out all over his body and we decided it was enough. We also noticed we was walking funny and kept slipping and falling.

We arrived to the ER around 4 and by 8 we were admitted. the Dr's thought his symptoms were strange; the swollen eye, high fever's, constipation, rash and dizziness. They kept saying a virus, but the dizziness made them think it could be much worse. They did an ultra sound to make sure there was no blockage and check his bladder for urine. His bladder was producing urine, so that was a good sign, and his colon showed  no blockage. Another good sign. After another enema in the hospital, more blood work, and a catheter, Brandon was hooked up to an IV and sent upstairs. The blood showed elevated Liver enzymes and swollen lymph nodes. I tried to calm down and not think the worst, but its hard when your baby is lying there so sick.

Dan went home with Nick as we settled in for the night B and I spent a long miserable night with Dr's - boy are they thorough! I went through my family history at least 20 times.  Thankfully B slept through most of the prodding and poking and by 5 am, it was decided he needed an MRI to rule out any type of swelling in the lower part of his brain. Dan arrived in the morning, and we held a now very awake, and screaming angry boy, who wanted nothing to do with the needle/IV in his arm.  So we waited.

The MRI was pretty uneventful. They put him, under, and I think that's were i finally lost it. Watching him be put under was terrible. He just flopped in Dan's arms. I kissed him good bye and we waited for the hour test to be completed. I bought him a big bear to give to him when he woke up. He was a champ through the test and woke up alert and angry. He was finally allowed to eat and drink and he downed 18 ounces of Pedialyte. Much better.

So we got the results back, they say he is healthy and no issue and other than the weird symptoms, and constipation it was probably just a bad virus. We were sent home. Within a day, he was back to his happy self, he had no issues with the bathroom area and is sleeping 12 hours a night. We are very happy to have our boy back. And have no plans to go back to Dell anytime soon!


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