Ta Da!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
On Sunday night Dan and I invited Papa Ray and Papa Bob over for dinner.
We were making pork chops, a salad, and my favorite quinoa.
All three of the boys were naked
loud and proud naked.
running all over, chasing each other, using my couch as an expensive jumpy house
Typical evening really.
Suddenly Brandon dissapears into the pantry
we haear a tinkle
we think - HE COULDN'T BE??? right??
he comes out with a big TA DA!
he did.
my little man
found a nice piece of tupperware
- he has some class -
and not his red Tupperware hat, thank god
- he knows better than that -
and used it for a pee potty
He proudly held it out for all to see
Dan wouldn't let me take a picture
But I am still blogging about it


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