Hello Monday, a New Promise

Monday, May 21, 2012
I made a promise to my family to disconnect. recharge. be present.
to put my phone away every day from 5 - 7pm
and on the weekends to spend more time with the family
considering my iPhone has become everything to me 
phone, TV, newspaper, camera, life,and video
its been hard. 
I don't like to miss a thing
withdrawals are tough, despite the substance.
 so here we go...

Hello sunshine on your incredibly long lashes

Hello snuggly Bostons

Hello Dinosaurs. You have overstayed your welcome. 
but THANK YOU Toys R Us for
stocking every type of prehistoric toys possible

 Hello cutest TOMS in the world
you might be cuter than baby crocs

 Hello Do It Yourself
I HATE Do It Yourself
but the goody bags turned out cute
 Hello 1980 crimped hair
it's been RAINING in Austin
we got 20 inches this year so far
More than the last 2 years combined!
Rango's hair does funny stuff in the wet weather

Hello Swinger
Childhood at its best

Hello Sweet Sweet Mommy time
it's luxurious

 Hello 50 Shades of Blue.
Thank you Old Navy for dressing all of us
Who Knew???

 Hello Summer
are you watching New Girl yet?
Goggles McHardbody, anyone??

Hello Schmidt
How quickly you stole my heart

Hello and Goodbye to Auntie Val
the boys adore you
...and hello to the new STINK face....Brandon.


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