Dear Three Year Old Nicky

Monday, May 16, 2011
Dear Nicky,

After two, you only have a wellness check every year on your birthday. So after a year of speculation, I picked you up on your 3rd birthday and walked across the street to Hill Country Pediatrics to find out how big my baby is getting. You were adamant about "no Boo Boos" at the Dr. (shots) I agreed.

No Boo Boos on your 3rd Birthday, my little man!

After being, weighed, measured, and your first blood pressure test, we waited for the Dr. to give us the results and fill us in on how you are doing. The results were surprising! You had a huge growth spurt and is in the 95% for weight (39 lbs) AND height (39 inches). Your BMI is 16% - or just perfect. Crazy that they check that now!

You are in a size 3T/4T and wear a size 10 shoe. They predict you to be 6'1 based on their little prediction chart, which is great!

On a developmental side, you are really excelling. You can identify most letters and can spell your name - (N-O-C-K-Y - you  insits there is no "I" in Nicky). You can spell stop and dog and you are very sharp, speak your mind, and is a total cheeseball.

Your passions right now are your continued love for latex and vinyl gloves, motorcycles, watching motorcycles on youtube, monster trucks, army men, and anything to do with water: water guns, water balloons, and squirt bottles. You love to run in the sprinklers and hose and is wet every afternoon.

Daddy lets you watch Hot Wheels and Transformers, which you think is so cool. You still love Dino Dan, Curious George and Calliou. I still want to poke my eyes out. You still love to watch Baby Einstein with Brandon, Shawn the Sheep, Timmy Time, and now sit still long enough to watch some movies at home: Bambi, Tangled, How to train your Dragon, and Ice Age.  On June 24th, we are going to take you to your first movie: cars 2. I can't wait.

For the most part, you are potty trained and sometimes at night. You can hold it for 8 - 10 hours, but I think when you wear a diaper to bed, you think you can pee in it. We will be working on that in the next couple of months.

You love the iPad, and spends hours playing games on it. Its pretty amazing how quick you pick up on new technologies and can adapt to these things! You can browse on YouTube and choose new games to play.

You have such a big heart too  - you love to hold hands, snuggle, and you tell me all the time that I am your best friend. But then again, you also tell Grandma Booba that ...and Miss Tiffany, Ella, Haylee, and Kylee Jo.  Either way, when you say that and slip your little hand into mine, I know that this is all worth it.

I've spent three glorious years getting to know you and I hope that I have 300 more. I love you every day, every minute, every second. I love you to the moon and back.


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