Brandon is 30 months!

Monday, January 16, 2012
Dear Brandon, 
In the past 30 months, I have watched you grow from a tiny little bundle in my arms

 to the big boy you are today

I love so many things about you...
 your big green eyes {where did they come from?}
your thick blondish hair
your perfect full lips and cute tiny teeth
your long legs...
and your tiny little calf muscles, exactly like daddy
I love your laugh and your giggle
I love how you blow a kiss
how you say Tank You and Vawl.
how you cry and say NO MOM-A
I love your french accent
and when you dress up in my necklaces
I love that you want dolls and purple toys
I love that you like bugs
I love how terrified you are of the jets in the bathtub
how you love lollipops
I love your passion for firetrucks and things in "twos"
how you love to fix things
and climb on everything
I love how you like to clean your hands and wahc the dishes
and vaccum
I love that you know how to use an iPad and play with games on Nickys leapster
I love how you are fearless and copy everytihng your brother says
I love saying good night to you and playing our "nighttime" game
I love that you want a KISS and an "uppy" hug
I love that you still love to watch Baby Einsteins
I love your tantrums and how you throw yourself on the floor
Your stubborn personality
I love your smile and your long eyelashes
I love how you dance and swing your arms
I love how high you can jump
I love when you sing twinkle and clap your hands
I love your lawnmowers and your tools and your firetrucks
my heart swells when you hold my hand
or kiss me for no reason
when you say "I love you, Mommy" and give me a hug
I love when you share, but that's not too frequent
you love Chocolate milk and "myilkies"
I love your toes

And above all, I love how these past 30 months have been the most incredible experience, and the moments above, are the moments that matter 
and I could not be more proud to be your Mommy


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