Three Word Challenge

Monday, January 16, 2012
I love VMware. I've been working there for 8 years now. Its pretty obvious. We received this email last week and once again I am proud to work for such an innovative and inspiring company.


We often talk about the VMware family and how important this strong community is to each of us. At our upcoming Worldwide Customer Operations All Hands meeting we’d like to get to know our VMware family a little better… three words at a time.

How much can you express in just three words? More than you could imagine! Following in the footsteps of the daily Good Morning America segment, “Your Three Words,” we want to hear from you. Send in your three words that answer the following question:

Why do you believe 2012 will be another great year for VMware or for you, personally or professionally?

Write the words on a whiteboard, on paper, the palm of your hand, in the sand or garden - anywhere, anyhow. Be creative. Have fun. Bring in your teammates, officemates, friends or families. Capture your three words on video (must be under 10 seconds) with your mobile phone, digital camera or webcam. You can also just send us a photograph of your three words, if that’s easier."

Here is my submission. 
This will also make me have a good year. 
Personally and Professionally.
I used to be "corporate"
I am Mom
and that's what matters.


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