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Monday, January 16, 2012
So it is about time, that I wrap up 2011 with a final blog post. I will be making my blog book in the next couple of days and want to make sure I capture some things I did not get to. I am so glad that I have been documenting a year that was soooo great in so many ways, even if it ended on such a sad note for me.

January  2011
I left CA after the holidays, knowing that the next time I went back I would not be going "home". My childhood home in Foster City was sold, and my parents moved Austin!  It was also one of my worst months of a pregnancy ever. I  battled terrible cedar fever and allergies, sinus pressure, bloody coughing attacks, and massive migraines. These headaches lasted days at a time, and working was often a challenge and difficult. Brandon started talking more and more,and Nicky continued to blossom in front of our eyes. We decided on the name Luke Anthony for the little one to be. Nicky is obsessed with GLOVES.

February 2011
We reached record lows in Austin, it snowed for the THIRD time in 4 years. I had my 20 week sonogram and we confirmed once again that Luke was really a Luke and not a girl. Baby Taylor Filippi was born. And I started my favorite blog post: Inside Master Nicholas Head. Here is an oldie but goodie.

Scene: At home, getting the boys in the Car
Mommy: Look Nicky, your monster trucks are on the roof of the car
Nicky: OH. MY. GOD. Shit.

March  2011
Jessica Johnson introduced me to a new app on iPhone and my life changed for the good: Instagram. Brandon was my first model. How i take and edit pictures has changed forever. I love it. Sold. Everyone other photo app can go home now. We tried Soccer lessons for Nicky. failed. We tried to take the nini's away. failed. I tried to organize my life. failed.

April 2011
 My friends, mom, and sister,  threw me the CUTEST tricycle themed baby shower as my "last hurrah". It may seem like you have everything when you already have 2 boys, but I got rid of so much newborn stuff, that the shower was so helpful and I will be eternally grateful to everyone who helped and come out. I love you girls.  We started to get a feeling what the summer was going to deliver because for the first time in years, there were no bluebonnets in Steiner Ranch - just a handful here and there. I started preparing for Luke's arrival and started planning for the boys joint birthday party in May. We flew out to Newport for the weekend to visit baby Jack for the first time.

May 2011
On May 10th, Nicky turned three and I wondered how he grew up so fast. I think I blinked and it happened. I am not ready for this. I want to freeze time and keep him my little boy forever. By now Nicky was completely potty trained and sleeping in a big boy bed. Kylie Jo - Nicky's best friend also turned 3 and their parents told us the HORRIBLE news they were moving to San Diego. CRUSHED doesn't describe it. We had Brandon evaluated by ECS (Early Childhood Intervention) and we found out that he is completely on track for his development, and in fact ahead in some areas. We felt better after having the evaluation and practiced some of the tips to help him develop vocally.
On May 18th, the third best thing that has ever happened to me arrived. PERFECT in every way. My great friend Tara was there to film my special day for me. THANK YOU again T. You are an amazing friend, mother, and photographer. I love love love you!!  I also tied those tubes during my THIRD c-section. no more babies for me. {unless we adopt a little girl from Russia...maybe. one day.}I also had 4 months off work. Yay for Maternity leave. 2 weeks later, my Due Date twin and neighbor, the amazing Alyse Black, her her adorable daughter Scarlett. We watch Franklin on TV everyday.

June 2011
After months of deliberation, we took the boys out of Primrose and hired Tiffany to watch the boys. This decision weighed heavily on me, I did not want to disrupt their routine and I wondered if they would continue to excel outside of a structured school. On the other hand, battling with Nicky and Brandon every morning to get their shoes on, get in the car, get out of the car, and be late to work everyday while I sat outside the school house as they screamed, I knew there had to be a better way. The change in Nicky was immediate. He seemed so...free. I think for now it is working and he LOVES being home and adores Tiffany. Plus he can wear his PJs all day if he wants. Or go naked. who the hell cares? :) We took our annual pictures with Michele from Pinkletoes and we captured some amazing moments. Luke was also a model for her newborn workshop in her studio and I finally got those "Someday" photos. {a separate post to some} We started potty training with Brandon, but not forcing it. We had some early success and then some major failures. But we didn't push. He isnt even two yet! Nicky became obsessed with Army Men and his passion for gloves dissipated some. Grabdma Booba and Papa Bob start taking Nicky and Brandon on Thursday nights. THANK YOU. we LOVE Thursdays! We watch Little Einsteins, Franklin, and Dink the Dino on TV everyday

July  2011
Brandon turned TWO. We had a joint party for the boys at Hoppin House. We noticed Luke has spoke ears and looks identical to Nicky when he was a month old. Mira Weidner was born. It became the hottest summer on record in Austin. My mom's (aka MY) pool was complete, but not without major issues, hassles, and fighting with the developer. We spent hours in the pool and missed the Wilsons. It seemed everyone was getting pregnant or having babies. We welcomed Taylor, Isabella, Scarlett and Mira - all girls. ahem.
Brandon started "driving" He loves the car, and he has a new passion for firetrucks. Nicky learns to spell STOP. Grandma Larissa comes to visit and we go to the Army Man museum for the first (and not last) time. Eleanor turns 11. Jessica Johnson also introduces me to a new app - Pinterest. My life will never be the same. Every other app. Time to go home. We watch Hot Wheels battle force 5 on TV everyday.

August 2011
I think we spent everyday in the pool by now. Everything is dead, we are on water rations. My blog turns 2 and we welcome Paisley - our cousins baby in North Carolina.  Roxy turns 4. Auntie Val and Auntie Shauna come to visit. Brandon pee pees in the potty and Tiffany captures the Pee Pee Potty dance on film. Cody Cansler is born. Delayne and Jack come over for play dates. We watch Bubble Guppies, Team Umizumi, and Tom and Jerry on TV everyday.

Sept 2011
Labor day weekend is disrupted by fires in Steiner Ranch and we are all evacuated. We spend two nights at the Renaissance with all our neighbors. All of us, Me, Dan, Nicky, Brandon, Luke, Roxy, Zeus, are all stuck in one hotel room. Eleanore said back to watch over the house. (we couldn't catch her to bring her) Grandma Boob and Papa Bob are just down the hall from us. The boys LOVE it. To this day Nicky asks if we can go back "when there was a fire". Bastrop wasn't so lucky - they lost over 1700 homes. Steiner Ranch suffered the loss of 23. I started a new job at VMware - Global partner Strategy...and I love it. Luke is starting to sit up and is the best baby ever. He is awesome. hands down the best. My love affair continues. And the besty news - we took away the pacifiers. Done. Gone. Soyonara! Dan turns 33 and Zeus is 3. Dan takes Nicky to his first Monster Truck Jam. Nicky is beyond excited and wears his t-shirt everyday. Jackson G starts to come to our house once a week for a play date. I start Pilates at FourPoints. yay! Don't know how it happened, but the boys got their first plastic guns. They love them like all boys do. We watch Winnie the Pooh Heffalumps on TV everyday.

October 2011
We started extreme sleep training once again. Brandon moved out of Nicky's room and into Luke's room. Luke moved to a pack n' play into one of the guest rooms. Sleep constantly plagues us. But this time we mean business and we hired a sleep consultant. Luke gets 2 teeth and starts sleeping through the night. He starts baby food and loves it. Brandon is talking more and more and has started showing a very temperamental side - he is a little brat! Nicky continue to amaze me in every sense. He speaks very well, started to understand math, can identify all the letters and numbers. He is very skilled at the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. Brandon and he can sit for hours playing on them. We traveled to Park City for a big party and brought the whole family. I was able to see some old friends, Hilary, Kathleen, and Tiffany. I miss them dearly.The boys were superheros for Halloween. Nicky Spider man, Brandon, Batman, Luke - the Hulk. We welcome baby Ty Pottichen. We watch Tom and Jerry on TV everyday.

November 2011
the first 10 days of November were normal. I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brand and Nicky have become such wonderful boys - they are so smart, friendly, caring, and thoughtful. They make us laugh all the time. Dan and I took the afternoon off to buy a new stroller for Luke. When we returned home that afternoon on November 10th, we couldn't find Roxy. She disappeared under the fence. and never came back. Spell check tried to change my spelling of disappeared to dissipated. That actually might have what happened. I spent over $4,000 trying to find her in the next months. I sat outside holding signs. I hired people to call all the local animal shelters and search Craigslist. I had large banners placed on the sides of the roads and local freeways. I posted on every Facebook and website I could find. I started a Facebook page: FindRoxy. I hired 2 different teams to track her scent; one never showed up and took my money, the other became a confidante and an angel. Even if we didn't find her. I don't know how to describe it so you know how I felt, but I was completely floored and devastated. My little baby, my precious, loved baby girl, was gone. and my life changed again. and not in a good way. I feel off. un balanced and depressed. a week after Roxy went missing, Eleanor never came home. It was more than I could handle. I am not sure how I got through those first 2 weeks, but amazing friends who helped pass out flyers and search the greenbelts were a lifesaver to me. Dan asked me to be a wife and mother again, so I came back to reality and tried to shift through the fog that consumed and tormented me. I also had to take a deep breath and county the stars how lucky I AM  - even though Roxy is gone. I will never give up on her. During my painful searches online, i found a gorgeous 1 year old male Golden Retriever  who was on "death row". I sent Dan down to San Antonio to save him. His name is Rango. He has wiggled a way into our hearts and found a loving home with us.
Thanksgiving Val and Shauna come and visit and take the boys to SeaWorld. My dad falls and breaks his arm and I wish I could go visit him in Grass Valley. I miss them so much. Luke starts to crawl and pulls himself up. Brandon's favorite words are Yucky and No mom.  We introduce Lumpy the Elf on the Shelf and start a new tradition - cutting down our Xmas tree with Grandma and Papa. Baby Jack turns 1. I spend way too much money at the Christmas affair, which has also become a tradition for me. We watch Bubble Guppies, Team Umizumi and Tom and Jerry everyday.

December 2011
We celebrate the holidays with ceramic hand print ornaments. We decorate the tree and the lights are put up.  Brandon and Nicky have their monthly birthdays and Luke is 7 months. I forget to take the 7 month onsie picture..We have our first night away from the boys for the VMware Christmas party. I turn 35. Dan's family comes for Christmas and we have a wonderful time. In other sad news, Dad Bob's mom, Grandma Adele passes away. The boys get in the bath together for the first time. Luke gets his third tooth. Christmas morning is crazy! WAY too many presents. But the boys love their ride on cars and thats what we do every afternoon now. Nicky burns his hand pretty badly. Luke is ready to go, already crawling all over and up the stairs. Zeus and Rango are becoming better friends. Dan and I end the new year at Cho and the Steakhouse with our friends Aaron and Tara P. We welcome baby Molly Welton. We are still watching Team Umizoomi, Bubbleguppies, and now Tom and Jerry Kids.

2011 was really a great year for us, despite how it ended. So many great things happened that we shared with neighbors, friends, and our families. We can't wait to see how 2012 turns out.

Good bye 2011!



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