Hello Monday in June

Monday, June 11, 2012
Hello What Not To Wear
I went shopping with my girlfriend Molly.
We walked into Bebe
we liked these jumpsuits and thought they would be cute
they weren't
I wish I could delete this picture from my mind
Hello boys toys
When summer hits we do a lot of swimming
and it tires them out
and as long as we have our guns, swords
and pal, Rango...
we can rule the World
or at least have really sweet dreams.

Hello tiny boxes
The cutest lunchboxes from frecklebox
birthday gifts from Auntie Amy and Uncle Frank

hello puppies and baby boys
It's very hard to be a puppy...

...and a little boy.

Hello rest spot
We all went for a walk...
but didn't get to far
basically around the corner and had to stop for a rest
hello TAN!
My neighbor across the street has amazing legs
and she makes me jealous
I cant come close
but at least my toes are sparkly and gold!
Hello dear sweet pea
Luke's "due date twin" and future little Miss
turned O N E
we went to celebrate with her and her amazing parents
I captured this moment
one that goes by way too fast

Hello three boys in the bath
This moment will also go by too quickly.
for now they all will take a bath together
for now.
Hello silly pup
This is a what a happy Zeus looks like
Hello you have something on your face
Brandon went a little crazy with some stamps
he decorated all his arms, legs, and face
Hello color blocking Plant
One of the prettiest plants in Austin
The Pride of Barbados
Hello Rango 
Rango helps out with the landscaping
He is on quality control



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