Inside the Head of Master Nicholas

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Its been a while but we're back for another round - and now he is FOUR!

SCENE: boys in the bathtub
Nicky: Mommy, what are you doing
Mommy: I am working out.
Nicky: why?
Mommy: so I can be thin and healthy
Nicky: Oooooh, like your other friends

Scene: Bathtime again
Nicky: Who is that singing?
Mommy: Britney Spears
Nicky: Ewww, that sounds like a baby

Scene: In the car driving to the HEB
Nicky: Mommy, will Mario, Eleanore, and Roxy ever come back from "kevan"
Mommy: UM
Nicky: Why did they go to kevan?
Mommy: UH
Nicky: Do they like it there?
Mommy: AH
Nicky: I bet they do if there are toy stores
Mommy: Yes! Exactly

Scene: Playing in the backyard
Mommy: Look Nicky, there is your stegosaurus!
Nicky: No, that's a spineasaurous
Mommy: Oh sorry
Nicky: That's Oh-Kay Mooom-ah. I still love you.


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