My Mighty Life List - Phase 1

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is this a bucket list? Maybe...although I would like to *think* I can cross everything off at some point, I think my personal goal of this little life challenge is to learn more about me  - the silly, the frivolous, the absurd;  my dreams, wishes, and goals, and many many different ways to capture that elusive happiness.

I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs  {Little Miss Momma} and she was inspired by {PetiteElefant} and her by {Mighty Girl}. Like everyone else who has tired to accomplish this, its not that easy to write down 100. I got to 35 before I started really thinking and stretching. I realized that I have a lot of things I want to do - most Dan will say NO. ha.

Here is number ONE

1. Adopt a baby girl from Russia

Ok - you all knew that. Here is 1 more...

2. Live in Italy

Stay tuned for the rest. Do you have a bucket list of a life list??! share with me!!

dreams be dreams


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