Nini Fairy

Thursday, March 3, 2011
We successfully got rid of the ninis at school and during the day a while back. The boys know they can only have them at night - we did slack a little and the ninis crept into the car. We decided Nicky was too old, and Brandon needs help with pronunciation and his speech, so it was better to take them away now before he turns 2. We also want to have a couple months buffer before Luke comes.

We now faced the battle of removing the ninis from the nighttime bed. So yesterday the Nini Fairy came and while the boys were at school, Nini Fairy Dan made tiny cuts and holes in the pacifiers.

Nicky had a hard time with it initially, the holes collected saliva and he didn't like how they were "sweaty." So he had a meltdown around sweat and ended up watching American Idol with us until he feel asleep in our bed.

Brandon cried off and on all night long. He'd wake up and his ninis were all cut and he was hysterical. I was heartbroken, seeing how sad he was. There was no consoling him at certain points last night. I ended up sleeping on the couch outside our room to let Dan and Nicky sleep.

Hopefully this wont last too much longer...the Nini Fairy made more holes and cut the tips off. So far everyone but me is asleep in my house....


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